Marina Floor - Large group partying

Marina Floor

capacity Seated up to 110 | Reception up to 150

The main floor is designed like a marina with authentic sport fishing boats for booths, outfitted with leather seats, real fishing gear and tournament flags. With sail projection screens, a navigational chart of the stream and a suspended replica of Jimmy’s plane, the Hemisphere Dancer, no detail is spared to create the marina atmosphere including many local landmarks like 98 East and the Massalina Bayou drawbridge. The ceiling is marked with stars in the areas on the planet lucky enough to have a Margaritaville.

Tiki Dining

Tiki Dining

capacity Seated up to 76 | Reception up to 100

A great semi-private area, the Tiki Dining Room overlooks the Marina Level and Main Stage. Tiki statues, torches and a bamboo bar make this the ideal space to make a big statement with a totally tropical theme from welcome umbrella drinks to an island inspired menu -- grass skirts and coconut shells optional.

Bama Breeze Deck

Bama Breeze Deck

capacity Seated up to 40 | Reception up to 75

If you missed the concert and have never heard the song "Bama Breeze" you’ll experience a sense of both with the breathtaking view from this balcony.

Event Capacities

Area Seated (up to) Reception (up to)
Marina Floor 110 150
Porch of Indecision 86 225
Tiki Dining 76 100
Bama Breeze 40 75
Full Venue 350 500

Floor Plans

Main Dining Room

Overhead view of Main Dining Room floor plans

Porch Of Indecision

Overhead view of Porch Of Indecision floor plans

Second Level

Overhead view of Second Level floor plans